Tool: Method Composer
Method Composer is a tool for authoring, tailoring, and deploying processes.
Main Description

Method Composer is generic term that is used to apply to EPF Composer and its extensions, such as Rational (R) Method Composer.  Method Composer has two purposes:

1. To provide a knowledge base of intellectual capital.  This knowledge base can be used for reference and education.  It can be used to communicate best practices across an organization in a consistent form.

2. To provide process engineering capabilities by supporting process engineers and project managers in selecting, tailoring, and rapidly assembling processes for different kinds of development projects. Method Composer provides catalogs of pre-defined processes for typical project situations that can be adapted to individual needs. It also provides process building blocks that represent best development practices for specific disciplines, technologies, or development styles. These building blocks form a toolkit for quickly assembling processes based on project specific needs. The resulting processes created with Method Composer can be published and deployed as Web sites.

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