Checklist: Work Items List
This checklist is used to verify that every kind of work to be done in the project
is being tracked
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Check Items
Have Work Items been described without ambiguity?

Does each Work Item have a name and clear description? This helps the team estimate Work Item size. If necessary, include links on the Work Items List to reference material where further detail is available.

Have Work Items been prioritized?

Has every Work Item been prioritized? This helps the team select the Work Items to be delivered in each iteration.

Have Work Items been estimated?

Every Work Item should be estimated. This will help the team to select the Work Items to be delivered in each iteration.

Are the Work Items being tracked?

Does every Work Item have a state attribute? This helps the team track its development project. 

Are scheduled Work Items the right size?
If a Work Item is scheduled for an iteration, then it should be broken down into Work Items that can be completed in a reasonable timeframe, from a few hours to a few days (micro-increments). This will help the team be more productive and produce more detailed effort estimates.