Checklist: Implementation
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Main Description

Appropriate divergence from the quality criteria described here could be worthy of a comment in the implementation so that developers examining the code in the future know why the exception occurred.

Check Items
The implementation conforms to the architecture and design
  • Is the implementation structured as specified in the design?
  • Are all of the functions in the design implemented?
  • Are all of the interfaces in the design implemented according to their specifications?
  • Does the implementation adhere to all design and architectural constraints?
The implementation is testable
  • Can you test the expected behavior at the unit level?
  • Is the code written in a way that all paths can be exercised?
The implementation is correct
  • Does the implementation pass all of the developer tests?
  • Does the implementation support the acceptance criteria of the test cases?
  • Is all code executable (no dead code areas)?
The implementation is understandable

Is the logic clearly specified?  Have comments been used sparingly to add clarity, and not to make up for unclear code?

There is no redundancy

Is there no redundancy in the implementation? (Identify candidates for refactoring.)