Checklist: Test Case
This checklist provides questions to verify that test cases are created in a consistent and complete manner.
Related Elements
Check Items
  • Does the Test Case identify the requirement it evaluates?  This linking might be informal through a naming convention or formalized through a requirements traceability matrix.
  • Does the Test Case reference the preconditions and postconditions that apply to it?
  • Is the Test Case name unique?
  • Does the name express a test condition or an expected result?
  • Is it unambiguous to a stakeholder?
Brief Description
  • Is the logical test condition clearly identified in the description?
  • Does the description clearly state the expected result?
  • Is the expected result stated as a concrete outcome?
  • Can a casual reader distinguish this Test Case from a similar one?
Test Data Needs
  • Does the Test Case note the kinds of test data required to implement a detailed Test Script?
  • Are the test data type, uniqueness, and quality sufficiently explained?