Activity: Analyze Behavior
This activity transforms the behavioral descriptions provided by the requirements into a set of elements upon which the design can be based.
DescriptionWork Breakdown StructureTeam AllocationWork Product Usage

Activity detail diagram: Analyze Behavior Software Architect Identify Design Elements Software Architect Designer Use-Case Analysis Operation Analysis Designer User-Interface Designer Design the User Interface Prototype the User-Interface User-Interface Designer Technical Reviewer Review the Design Technical Reviewer Analysis Class Service Model Identify Design Elements Design Model Design Subsystem Signal Design Package Design Class Event Interface Capsule Protocol Service Model Service Component Identify Design Elements Use Case Use-Case Analysis Use-Case Realization Analysis Class Analysis Model Use-Case Analysis Analysis Model Operation Use-Case Model Operation Analysis Analysis Model Operation Operation Realization Use-Case Model Operation Analysis Software Requirement Design the User Interface Navigation Map Design the User Interface Navigation Map Prototype the User-Interface User-Interface Prototype Prototype the User-Interface Design Model Navigation Map Review the Design Review Record Review the Design
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