Task: Confirm Duplicate or Rejected CR
This task describes how to verify that a CR must be rejected or labeled a Duplicate.
  • A designated CCB administrator should be assigned to confirm a suspected duplicate or invalid change request.
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Retrieve the Change Request Form

The Change Request Form is a formally submitted artifact that is used to track all requests (including new features, enhancement requests, defects, changed requirements, etc.). It should also include status information throughout the project lifecycle. All change history will be maintained with the CR, including all state changes along with dates and reasons for the change. This information will be available for any repeat reviews and for final closing. An example Change Request Form is provided in Work Product: Change Requests.

Confirm Duplication or Validity

If a CR is suspected by the CCB of being a Duplicate or Rejected as an invalid request (e.g., operator error, not reproducible, the way it works, etc.), a delegate of the CCB is assigned to confirm the duplicate or rejected CR and to gather more information from the submitter, if necessary.

If insufficient data exists to confirm the validity of a Rejected or Duplicate CR, The owner automatically gets changed to the submitter who is notified to provide more data (More Info).

Update the Change Request Status

Based on the results of the investigation, one of the following should occur:

  1. The confirmed duplicate or rejected Change Request should be Closed (and the submitter notified),
  2. More information is requested from the submitter (More Info), or
  3. The Change Request information is updated to show why it is not a duplicate or invalid request and re-Submitted for CCB Review.

Typical states that a Change Request may pass through are shown in Concept: Change Request Management)

Multiple Occurrences
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