Task: Initiate Iteration
This task describes how to allocate staff and other resources to the activities identified for the current iteration.
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Main Description

In the Initiate Iteration task the project manager allocates the staff and non-personnel resources of the project to each of the activities that will be completed this iteration, as defined in the current Iteration Plan.

Assign Staff to Activities

For each activity, the project manager assigns staff with appropriate skills to carry out the work. Remember to follow sound project management practice and balance the overall workload for each individual assigned.

Acquire and Assign Non-Personnel Resources

Some activities will require the use of specialized non--personnel resources (e.g. dedicated CPU time on a mainframe, use of specialized testing hardware). For each of these activities, the project manager should secure the availability of the necessary resources and establish a schedule for their usage

Issue Work Orders

Once the staff and other resources have been allocated to the activities for the current iteration, the project manager documents these assignments in a series of work orders. The work orders are then issued to the project team for execution.

Multiple Occurrences
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