Role: Management Reviewer
This role evaluates project planning and project assessment work products at major review points in the project's lifecycle.
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Main Description

The Management Reviewer role participates in significant review events because these management reviews mark points at which the project may be canceled if planning is inadequate or if progress is unacceptably poor.

Multiple Occurrences

The Management Reviewer role requires many years of business (including contract formulation and negotiation), technical, and software project management experience, and the individual who fills this role is chosen because of demonstrated decision-making ability at the operational management level. The Management Reviewer must have an excellent understanding of risk management principles and must be skilled at estimation in an environment with incomplete or fuzzy information.

Assignment Approaches

This role is assigned to one or more individuals on a case-by-case basis, according to the work product(s) being reviewed, the teams involved and the availability of staff members to take part in the review.