Role: Technical Reviewer
This role contributes technical feedback on project work products. this feedback must be timely and appropriate.
Performs: Responsible for:
Additionally Performs:Modifies:
Main Description

Roles organize the responsibility for performing tasks and developing work products into logical groups. Each role can be assigned to one or more people, and each person can fill one or more roles. When staffing the Technical Reviewer role, you need to consider both the skills required for the role and the different approaches you can take to assigning staff to the role.

Multiple Occurrences

A person playing the Technical Reviewer role needs to have the appropriate skills and knowledge including:

  • Domain knowledge or subject matter expertise appropriate to the work product being reviewed
  • Either:
    • the skills required to produce the work product being reviewed
    • the responsibility for other work products, the content of which this work product is a transformation of or otherwise reflects in some manner.
    • the responsibility for subsequent tasks in which this work product will be consumed
Assignment Approaches

The Technical Reviewer role is assigned to one or more individuals on a case-by-case basis, according to the work product(s) being reviewed, the teams involved and the availability of staff members to take part in the review.