Work Product (Artifact): Testability Element
This artifact is a specialized implementation element that realizes the test-specific behavior that the software supports.

The purpose of the Testability Element is to implement test-specific functionality that facilitates testing, either manual or automated. There are various types of test-specific behavior, two of which are:

  • "Stubs" for implementation elements that you need to simulate or have decided not to include completely in a test target.
  • Elements that provide specialized interfaces or output.
RolesResponsible: Modified By:
Input ToMandatory:
  • None
Optional: External:
  • None
Key Considerations

Testability Elements are typically created and modified in parallel with creating and modifying corresponding application or system implementation elements.

Representation OptionsUML Representation: Element in the implementation model, stereotyped as <<testability element>>. 

See Artifact: Implementation Element.

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