Activity: Validate Build Stability
This activity validates that the build is stable enough for detailed test and evaluation effort to begin.
Extends: Validate Build Stability
DescriptionWork Breakdown StructureTeam AllocationWork Product Usage

Activity detail diagram: Validate Build Stability Test Analyst Define Test Details Determine Test Results Test Analyst Tester Implement Test Execute Test Suite Analyze Test Failure Tester Test Manager Assess and Advocate Quality Test Manager Test Strategy Test-Ideas List Test Data Define Test Details Test Case Test Data Test Script Workload Analysis Model Define Test Details Test Log Test-Ideas List Test Strategy Determine Test Results Test Evaluation Summary Test Results Determine Test Results Test Data Test-Ideas List Test Strategy Implement Test Test Script Implement Test Test Suite Build Execute Test Suite Test Log Execute Test Suite Test Suite Test Log Analyze Test Failure Change Request Analyze Test Failure Iteration Plan Test Evaluation Summary Assess and Advocate Quality Test Evaluation Summary Assess and Advocate Quality
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