Discipline: Requirements
This discipline explains how to elicit stakeholder requests and transform them into a set of requirements work products that scope the system to be built and provide detailed requirements for what the system must do.
Main Description

The purpose of the Requirements discipline is:

  • To establish and maintain agreement with the customers and other stakeholders on what the system should do.
  • To provide system developers with a better understanding of the system requirements.
  • To define the boundaries of (delimit) the system.
  • To provide a basis for planning the technical contents of iterations.
  • To provide a basis for estimating cost and time to develop the system.
  • To define a user-interface for the system, focusing on the needs and goals of the users.

To achieve these goals, it is important, first of all, to understand the definition and scope of the problem which we are trying to solve with this system. Stakeholders are identified and Stakeholder Requests are elicited, gathered and analyzed. 

The requirements work products are then developed to fully describe the system -  what the system will do - in an effort that views all stakeholders, including customers and potential users, as important sources of information (in addition to system requirements).

The Requirements discipline is related to other process disciplines.

The Business Modeling discipline provides an organizational context for the system, represented as:

  • Business Rules
  • Business Use-Case Model
  • Business Analysis Model, including a Domain Model


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