Checklist: Analysis Class
This checklist helps make sure that an Analysis Class is modeled correctly
Main Description

Check Items
The analysis class name is unique
The class is used in at least one collaboration
The class's brief description captures the purpose of the class and briefly summarizes its responsibilities
The class represents a single set of cohesive responsibilities
Responsibility names are descriptive and the responsibility descriptions are correct
The responsibilities of the class are consistent with the expectations placed upon it by collaborations in which the class participates
All classes needed to perform the use cases (excluding design classes) have been identified
All actor-system interactions are supported by some boundary class
No two classes possess the same responsibility
Each analysis class represent a distinct set of responsibilities, consistent with the purpose of the class
Relations between use cases (include, extend, generalization) are handled in a consistent way in the analysis model
The complete lifecycle (creation, usage, deletion) of each analysis class is specified
The class fulfills the responsibilities required of it, either directly or through delegation
Classes collaborations are supported by appropriate associations
All requirements on the class have been addressed
If the class is a boundary class, all the requirements of the actor have been addressed (including input error)