Checklist: Test Script
This checklist helps make sure that test scripts have been checked for correctness and completeness.
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Main Description

Check Items
  • Have sufficient tests been implemented to achieve acceptable test coverage?
  • Are the test script names or IDs consistent with your test work product naming convention?
Test Automation
  • Has each test script have been implemented in the appropriate manner according to the intent of the test strategy and the test automation framework? This applies to recorded, programmed or generated test scripts. Note that attention should be paid to re-use and test script maintenance.
  •  Has each test script has been played back and debugged to ensure it executes as intended?
    • Has each test script containing a control point or branching logic been played back and debugged through the different possible logic paths?
    • Has each test script been implemented so as to account for expected ongoing changes in the application state, such as system date fields, transaction numbers, and so on?