Guideline: Important Decisions in Environment
This guideline describes important things to consider when tailoring the Environment aspects of the process.
Main Description

Decide How to Use Work Products

Make a decision about what work products are to be used and how they are to be used.  In addition to identifying what work products are to be used, it is also important to also tailor each work product to be used to fit the needs of the project. 

The table below specifies which Environment work products are recommended and which are considered optional (i.e., may only be used in certain cases). For additional tailoring considerations, see the tailoring section of the work product description page.

Work Product Purpose

Tailoring (Optional, Recommended)

Development Process Documents the development process configured for the project. Provides the team members with access to all relevant process guidance. Recommended for all projects.
Development Case This work product fine-tunes the development process to meet the exact needs of the project, including details on which work products to produce, and when.

Optional in small projects as the development process work product can be sufficient. Recommended for medium to large projects.

Project-Specific Guidelines Project specific guidelines are appropriate whenever there are project-specific standards that must be followed, or good practices that need to be communicated.

Recommended as applicable to project tasks.

Many projects will reuse guidelines rather than create their own. Small teams with experienced members and a shared philosophy may decide not to formally document some guidelines. The risk in this case is that standards and quality may drift over time.

Project-Specific Templates Helps jump-start production of document centric and model centric work products and ensures consistency between work products.

Recommended as applicable to project work products.

Development Infrastructure (including Tools) This is the hardware and software tools used as part of development. All projects will have a Development Infrastructure. Many projects will reuse an existing development infrastructure, rather than create their own.
Development Organization Assessment Used to guide the process engineer in tailoring a process for an organization.


In large organizations, an assessment is usually critical to making good process-related decisions.

Manual Styleguide Ensures consistent style and quality of user support material.

Recommended for most projects with user support material.

Many projects will reuse an existing styleguide rather than create their own.