Tool Mentor: Changing States of a Change Request using Rational ClearQuest
This tool mentor describes how to change the state of a change request using Rational ClearQuest.
Tool: Rational ClearQuest
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Main Description


Change requests move through a pattern, a lifecycle, from submission through resolution. In ClearQuest, each stage in this lifecycle is called a state, and each movement from one state to another is called a state transition.

The ClearQuest administrator defines the possible states in which records can exist. For example, a change record is usually given the Submit state when it is first entered into the database. From there, it might proceed to the Open state while the change request is examined, and then to the Fixed state when the defect is corrected.

Tool Steps

The following steps are performed to change the state of a change request using Rational ClearQuest:

  1. Query the Database
  2. Change the State

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1. Query the Database

ClearQuest has several default queries stored in folders. To query the database:

  1. Double-click a query.
    If there are any change requests in the database that match the parameters of the query, ClearQuest lists them on the Results Set tab.
  2. Optionally, sort the change requests by double-clicking the column titles on the Results Set tab.
  3. On the Results Set tab, select the change request you want to change.

2. Change the State

  1. Click the Actions button and select the state on the list.
    The Actions menu is dynamic. It displays only those actions that are legal for the current state. Your ClearQuest administrator specifies the legal actions. For example, in the default application, a Resolved record cannot be moved to back to the Opened state without first being verified or having the fix rejected.
  2. Move from tab to tab, and complete the mandatory fields which are highlighted in red.
    For instructions on what to fill in, right-click the field and choose Error Message on the shortcut menu.
  3. Click Apply. To clear the changes without saving them, click Revert.

Additional Information

helpbook icon For more information, See ClearQuest online Help > Contents and Index > Working with Records > Changing the State of Records.