Tool Mentor: Comparing Baselines Using Rational ClearCase
This tool mentor describes how to compare two baselines of a UCM component with the Rational ClearCase Component Tree Browser.
Tool: Rational ClearCase
Main Description


In ClearCase, a UCM baseline typically represents a stable configuration for a component. A baseline identifies activities and one version of every element visible in one or more components. The ClearCase Component Tree Browser is a GUI that displays the baseline history of a component. You can use it to compare the contents of two baselines.

This tool mentor is applicable when running Microsoft Windows.

Tool Steps

To compare two baselines in a UCM project:

1. Start ClearCase Explorer

To locate the component whose baseline history you want to view, perform this step:

  • From the Windows task bar, click Start > Programs > Rational Software > Rational ClearCase > ClearCase Explorer.

2. Open the Component Tree Browser for a specified component

  • Click Browse Baselines from the component's pop-up menu to start the ClearCase Component Tree Browser.
  • Click the Components folder for your project to display a list of components.
  • Right-click on a component to display a pop-up menu.
  • Click Browse Baselines to start the Component Tree Browser.

helpbook icon See the topic titled ClearCase Component Tree Browser in ClearCase online Help.

3. Select a baseline and choose comparison parameters

  • Select one of the displayed baselines as the basis of the comparison.
  • From the Tools menu, choose one of the Compare... menu item. You are prompted to supply a second baseline to be used in the comparison.
  • You can view differences in terms of activities or in terms of versions. Click the appropriate tab to choose.