Tool Mentor: Creating a Use-Case Model Survey Using Rational SoDA
This tool mentor describes how to use Rational SoDA to create a Use-Case Model Survey.
Tool: Rational SoDA
Main Description


SoDA automates the generation of the report so that it is created quickly and accurately. You can generate a Use-Case Model Survey with either the Microsoft® Word® or Adobe® FrameMaker® version of SoDA. This works only if the Rational Rose model follows the structure and naming convention for the Use-Case Model.

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This tool mentor is applicable when running Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Windows XP, Solaris or HP-UX.

To create a Use-Case Model Survey Report using SoDA, use the procedure for your version of the product:

Use Rational SoDA/Word to generate a Use-Case Model Survey

  1. From anywhere in Rational Rose, click Report > SoDA Report.
  2. When the list of available reports appears in SoDA, select Rational Unified Process Use-Case Model Survey.
  3. Click OK to generate the report.

Use Rational SoDA/FrameMaker to generate a Use-Case Model Survey

  1. From the FrameMaker button-bar, click New. Double-click SoDA, then double-click RoseDomain and choose the template.
  2. Edit the Connector and enter the name of the model file.
  3. Click File > Save As to save the template to a personal or project directory.
  4. Click SoDA > Generate Document.
  5. Review the generated document.

The next time you want to generate this same document, simply open the document and click SoDA > Generate Document.

Structure and naming convention for the Rose model

example structure of the Rose model

Elements from the Use-Case Model will be extracted into the Use-Case Model Survey.