Tool Mentor: Developing Processes Using Rational Method Composer
This tool mentor describes how to develop processes using Rational Method Composer, where a process can be a Capability Pattern, or a Delivery Process.
Tool: Rational Method Composer
Main Description

There are two kinds of processes in Rational Method Composer (RMC) -- Capability Patterns and Delivery Processes. 

All processes must exist within a method plug-in.  For information on how to create a method plug-in, see Tool Mentor: Creating a Method Plug-In Using Rational Method Composer.

When creating processes, you should consider starting with one of the predefined processes provided in RMC.  The following are of special interest:

  • Pre-defined delivery processes for different size projects (in the "Delivery Processes" package)
  • Pre-defined capability patterns specifically designed to be used when building delivery processes (in the "Templates for Delivery Processes" sub-package of the "Delivery Processes" package). There is a "RUP Phases" capability pattern that you can apply first to define your phased process framework, and then there are individual capability patterns for an iteration for each RUP phase that you can apply within that framework.

See the Usage information for each process for information on how to apply the process in your context.

For information on navigating the method content, see Tool Mentor: Navigating Method Content Using Rational Method Composer.

For information on how to create processes using RMC, see the "Work with Processes" cheat sheets.  All RMC cheat sheets can be accessed by selecting Help>Cheat Sheet.