Tool Mentor: Displaying Artifacts Related to Specific Objects on a Diagram Using Rational ProjectConsole
This tool mentor describes how to use Rational ProjectConsole to navigate particular artifacts from a diagram displayed by Rational ProjectConsole.
Tool: Rational ProjectConsole
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Main Description


ProjectConsole can display graphics as well as text.In cases where an work product diagram is displayed, the diagram can be used to instantly navigate to a Web page created for an item displayed in the diagram. For example, a model diagram may show a number of packages or use cases in graphics form. This tool mentor demonstrates that by clicking on any item, e.g., package or use case, displayed on the graphic,the work product's page is displayed.

ProjectConsole capitalizes on Java applet technologies to provide you with familiar and multiple forms of navigation. If you click directly on the text of a tree control node, the work product page associated with that node is displayed. If you expand a tree control node by clicking on the node's plus-sign, then hyperlinks that would be displayed by clicking on the text of the node are displayed as child nodes, from which you can continue navigating.

This tool mentor is applicable when using Microsoft Internet Explorer (release 5.5 or greater) or Netscape (release 7.0 or later).

Tool Steps

To display work products related to specific objects on a diagram using ProjectConsole:

  1. Launch a browser.
  2. Enter the URL for your installation's ProjectConsole site. The URL can be obtained by contacting your ProjectConsole administrator. The ProjectConsole logon screen is displayed.
  3. Enter a valid user id and password on this logon screen. The ProjectConsole work product browser is displayed.
  4. Expand the following nodes: ProjectConsole, Projects, Point of Sale (POS), Functional Teams, Development, Release 1.0, Iteration 1, Design - Current View
  5. Click on the Use-Case View hyperlink located in the right frame of ProjectConsole. At this point, the Use-Case View work product template is displayed and is fully populated with Use-Case View information.
  6. Click on a graphic in the Use-Case View to display its work product page. For example, click on the Point of Sale package to display the contents of the Point of Sale package.
  7. Clicking on any of the elements on the work product page navigates to additional model information. For example, clicking on the User Verification use case displays the work product page containing information about the User Verification use case within the Point of Sale package.

Note: The reports displayed by ProjectConsole are sample templates created using the Rational ProjectConsoleTemplate Builder, and the published charts are created within the ProjectConsole Dashboard.