Tool Mentor: Managing Interfaces Using Rational Rose
This tool mentor describes how to use Rational Rose to manage interfaces.
Tool: Rational Rose
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One or more packages should be used to manage the interfaces of a system. To create these packages, see Tool Mentor: Managing the Design Model.

To use Rational Rose to create interfaces:

  1. Create the interface
  2. Create interface operations

1. Create the interface To top of page

An interface specifies the externally-visible operations of a class and/or component, and has no implementation of its own. An interface typically specifies only a limited part of the behavior of a class or component. Interfaces belong to the logical view but can occur in class, use case and component diagrams.

helpbook icon For more information, refer to the Interface topic in the Rational Rose online help.

2. Create interface operations To top of page

To create an interface on an interface, read about classes in Tool Mentor: Managing Classes, using the same steps presented for the class and applying them to the interface.