Whitepaper: Developing Large-Scale Systems with the Rational Unified Process
This paper introduces an architectural pattern for Large systems composed of interconnected systems.
Main Description


There is a considerable increase in complexity when developing large-scale systems. Not only does it require that you are capable of comprehending a more complex set of work products, you are also introducing overhead since you need to manage a larger set of resources. This paper describes an architectural pattern that is used to help control the added complexity overhead. The architectural pattern is referred to as a system of interconnected systems.

This paper introduces an architectural pattern for systems of interconnected systems. This construct allows recursion not only within one model, it considers each subsystem a system in its own right and the recursion is between all the work products sets of each of the systems. The introduced architecture is used for systems that are implemented by several communicating systems. Each involved system is described by its own set of models, separate from other systems' models.

The examples given in this paper illustrate that the architecture for modeling systems of interconnected systems is useful in many different application areas. In fact, you may use the suggested architecture for any system where it 's possible to view the different parts as systems of their own.