Role: Configuration Manager
This role manages the overall Configuration Management (CM) infrastructure and environment for the product development team.
Role Sets: Managers
Main Description

The CM function supports the product development activity so that developers and integrators have appropriate workspaces to build and test their work, and so that all work products are available for inclusion in the deployment unit as required. The Configuration Manager role also has to ensure that the CM environment facilitates product review, and change and defect tracking tasks. The role is also responsible for writing the CM Plan and reporting progress statistics based on change requests.


The person playing the Configuration Manager role should understand configuration management principles, and preferably have experience or-at a minimum training-in the use of Configuration Management tools.  The Configuration Manager role is played best when the practitioner pays attention to detail. They should be assertive, in order to ensure that developers do not bypass configuration management policies and procedures.

Assignment Approaches

Here are some examples of different ways this role can be assigned:

  • Assign a staff member to perform both the Configuration Manager and Integrator roles. This approach is a commonly adopted and is particularly suitable for small to mid-sized development teams.
  • Assign one staff member to perform both the Configuration Manager and Deployment Manager roles. This strategy is another option for small to mid-sized test teams, especially where deployment is a low-ceremony concern.
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