Task: Compile Software Development Plan
This task describes how to coordinate the development of all associated plans and content for publication in a master Software Development Plan document.
Disciplines: Project Management
Main Description

The project manager compiles the software development plan by  coordinating the development of all SDP content and publishing it into the master SDP.

The SDP or Software Development Plan  is a composite document which contains all the information necessary to control the project. The information is included directly in the content of the SDP, or by reference to other specifications or plans.

Develop SDP Project Management Content

In this step the project manager makes sure the content sections of the SDP document have been completed to the level of detail appropriate for the current point in the project. Early in the Inception Phase, the information included will be fairly high-level and coarse grained. By the end of the Elaboration Phase the content of the SDP should be very detailed. The majority of this information is developed in the following work products and tasks:

  • Artifact: Business Case
  • Artifact: Vision
  • Task: Define Project organization and staffing
  • Task: Plan Phases and Iterations
  • Task: Define Monitoring & Control Processes
Develop Enclosed Project Management Plans

In most medium and large sized projects, a number of other project management plans are developed covering metrics, requirements, risk, problem/change management etc. In smaller projects, these plans may be written directly into the SDP. If these plans are created separately, they are enclosed in the SDP by reference.

In this step the project manager ensures these associated plans have been prepared, and that they are properly referenced and attached to the SDP document. Typically these enclosed plans are the following:

  • Artifact: Measurement Plan
  • Artifact: Requirements Management Plan
  • Artifact: Risk Management Plan
  • Artifact: Product Acceptance Plan
  • Artifact: Problem Resolution Plan
Coordinate Development of Supporting Plans

The SDP also encloses a number of other plans describing project standards and how various supporting processes (for example, configuration management) are to be handled. These plans are the responsibility of other roles in the Rational Unified Process. In this step the project manager coordinates the schedule for developing these supporting plans with the responsible roles, and integrates these plans into the SDP when they are completed.

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