Task: Integrate Subsystem
This task describes how to integrate the elements in an implementation subsystem, then deliver the implementation subsystem for system integration.
Disciplines: Implementation
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        Process Usage
        Integrate Implementation Elements

        Subsystem integration proceeds according to the Artifact: Integration Build Plan, in which the order of Implementation Element and implementation subsystem integration has been planned. If a subsystem is large, a subsidiary Integration Build Plan may have been created specifically for the subsystem.

        It is recommended that you integrate the implemented classes (implementation elements) incrementally bottom-up in the compilation-dependency hierarchy. At each increment you add one, or a few elements to the system.

        If two or more implementers are working in parallel on the same subsystem, their work is integrated through a subsystem integration workspace, into which the implementers deliver elements from their private development workspaces, and from which the integrator will construct builds.

        If a team of several individuals works in parallel on the same subsystem, it is important that the team members share their results frequently, not waiting until late in the process to integrate the team's work.

        Deliver the Implementation Subsystem

        After the final increment, when the implementation subsystem is ready and the associated build has been integration tested, the implementation subsystem is delivered into the system integration workspace.

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