Task: Promote Baselines
This task defines when the creation of a Baseline is completed, and how a completed Baseline must be labeled.
Disciplines: Configuration & Change Management
  • The purposes of this task is to ensure that baselines (individually tested components from various implementers, and development teams, combined together to work together as a product) are 'tagged' to reflect the level of software maturity, stability and quality they may have achieved. The appropriately tagged baselined version is then available for release or further development in subsequent iterations
Decide on Appropriate Tag for the Baseline

Baselines help to keep the project team synchronized. They provide a view to the most current version of the project assets. As such, baselines need to created on a regular basis in accordance with the project's CM policies.

Baselines could be named after the phase and iteration in which they area created. In this instance the name of a baseline could be BL-Product-X-c2, implying that it is the baseline created at the end of the second iteration in the Construction Phase.

However, the other labeling conventions for baselines could be commensurate with the level of testing, and quality, a product baseline may have achieved. In this case, the baseline could, for example, be tagged as:

  • Integration Tested
  • System Tested
  • Acceptance Tested
  • Production

The labeling convention described above suggests that the once a baseline has been tested, and verified, to have achieved a certain quality level it ispromoted and tagged with higher order label.

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