Task: Report Status
This task describes how to provide periodic updates on the project status.
Disciplines: Project Management
  • Provide regular updates on project status for review by the Project Review Authority (PRA)
  • Escalate issues beyond the project manager's authority for resolution by the PRA
RolesPrimary Performer: Additional Performers:
  • None
      Process Usage
      Prepare Status Assessment
      Purpose Document the current project status for review by the PRA 

      Status Assessment can be conveyed through the Artifact: Status Assessment drawn from the Issues List and the Project Measurements that result from the Task: Monitor Project Status. Status Assessment should address the following:

      Technical progress: Work completed during this reporting period (e.g. tasks completed, work products delivered). Highlight any slippage.

      For the current iteration, report any possible change in scope or quality (in terms of discovered defects that will not be rectified) required to keep the iteration to the planned end date (i.e. to keep it 'timeboxed').

      Budget progress: Spending to date. Highlight any cost over-runs. 
      Progress against scheduled milestones: Were scheduled milestones achieved? 
      Total project/product scope:  Report on the revised estimate for the project scope based on work done and estimates to complete work in progress. 
      Personnel/staffing status:  Status of personnel. Report any issues or concerns. 
      Risk status:  Are any risks becoming realized? 
      Issues arising:  Project issues requiring PRA resolution. Recommend potential solutions for consideration. 
      Action items:  A list of action items from previous status assessments and their current status. 

      The Status Assessment report is usually published to the PRA and reviewed during the PRA Project Review.