Task: Update Workspace
This Task emphasizes the necessity of updating Workspaces frequently.
Disciplines: Configuration & Change Management
  • To ensure team members are working on the most recent versions of the project files. The idea is to update the files displayed in their development view (workspace) with those in the recommended baseline.
RolesPrimary Performer: Additional Performers:
  • None
      Process Usage
      Main Description

      It is an essential part of any CM system to ensure that work products are under version control, and that team members have access to approved baselines. The idea of updating views to ensure access to the most recent collective body of work is obvious. This task needs to be easy to do and occur on an ongoing basis.

      Each team member having updated a view, can work on any work product through the standard process of 'check-out, edit, build, unit test, and check-in' as described in the Task: Make Changes.

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