Task: Write Configuration Management (CM) Plan
This task defines how to develop a CM Plan.
Disciplines: Configuration & Change Management
The purpose of this task is to:
  • Describe all CM related tasks to be performed during the course of the product/project lifecycle.
  • Document how product related CM tasks are to be planned, implemented controlled and organized.
Write the CM Plan
Purpose The CM Plan describes all CM related tasks to be performed during the course of the product/project lifecycle. It details the schedule of tasks, the assigned responsibilities, and the required resources (including staff, tools and computer facilities). 

The CM Plan is a composite document which contains all the information necessary to effectively carry out configuration management tasks for the project. The Artifact: Configuration Management Plan describes the necessary input for effective CM planning. The template is intended to serve as a guideline. The intent of each section should be addressed within the context of a given project/product. It should not be an onerous task to produce the plan, nor is it intended that the plan impose undue ceremony and bureaucracy on the project staff.

However, the plan is an important document that is used to ensure that organizational assets are appropriately safeguarded.

Review and Approve the CM Plan
Purpose To ensure that plan is understood and adopted by the major stakeholders. 

The CM Plan is developed once the Project Vision and Business Case have been approved. It is written in parallel with other project planning documents by the Project Manager, and is reviewed by all affected groups.

Although the CM Plan is approved by the Project Manager, it needs to be reviewed by all affected parties. As such, it should be reviewed by the Configuration Manager, key developers and integrators.

Maintain the CM Plan
Purpose To ensure that the plan is current and relevant. 

The Project CM Plan should be re-visited at the beginning of each phase (construction and transition) to ensure that the overall CM strategy is still relevant to how the project is being developed.

The Project CM Plan itself needs to be placed under configuration control, and should be checked into the 'plans' sub-directory of the overall 'Product Structure'.

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