Artifact: Configuration Audit Findings
This artifact identifies a baseline, any missing required artifacts, and incompletely tested or failed requirements.
Domains: Configuration & Change Management
Work Product Kinds: Assessment
  • To report the following:
    • the performance of the developed software conforms to its requirements
    • the required work products are physically present
Brief Outline

The following topics need to addressed in the Configuration Audit Findings:

  • Introduction
  • Date of Audit
  • The Intent of the Audit
  • Overall Assessment
  • Physical Configuration Audit
  • Baseline Identification
  • Missing Work products
  • Functional Configuration Audit
  • Untested Requirements
  • Failed Requirements
  • Open Change Requests
  • Corrective Actions
  • Action
  • Actionee
  • Follow-up Date
Representation Options

Consider documenting the corrective actions as change requests (see Artifact: Change Request).  Document tailoring decisions can be found in the Artifact: Configuration Management Plan.