Artifact: Deployment Plan
This artifact describes the set of tasks necessary to install and test the developed product such that it can be effectively transitioned to the user community.
Domains: Project Management
Work Product Kinds: Plan

The purpose of the Deployment Plan is to ensure that the system successfully reaches its users.

The Deployment Plan provides a detailed schedule of events, persons responsible, and event dependencies required to ensure successful cutover to the new system.

Deployment can impose a great deal of change and stress on the customer's employees. Therefore, ensuring a smooth transition is a key factor in satisfying the client. The Deployment Plan should minimize the impact of the cutover on the client's staff, production system, and overall business routine.

Key Considerations

All systems to be deployed must have a Deployment Plan. If the system is only being built as a prototype or a proof-of-concept, a Deployment Plan may not be necessary.

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