Artifact: Development Organization Assessment
This artifact describes the current status of the software organization in terms of current process, tools, peoples' competencies, peoples' attitudes, customers, competitors, technical trends, problems, and improvement areas.
Domains: Environment
Work Product Kinds: Assessment

The Development Organization Assessment is used by the Process Engineer as a basis for configuring the process for a particular project.

The Development-Organization Assessment is also used to:

  • Explain to the sponsors why there is a need to change process, tools, and people.
  • Create motivation and a common understanding among the people in the organization who are directly, or indirectly, affected.
Representation Options

Completeness, format and formalism of work product Development Organization Assessment will vary depending on factors like size and type of development, business context, degree of novelty, to mention a few. For example, a large development organization developing systems for Air Traffic Control will likely do a very thorough assessment of the development organization to ensure that they meet certain requirements imposed on the organization by a range of external stakeholders. Tailor the Development Organization Assessment to reflect the organization and development effort.

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