Artifact: Stakeholder Requests
This artifact contains any type of requests a stakeholder (customer, user, marketing person, and so on) might have on the system to be developed. It may also contain references to any type of external sources to which the system must comply.
Domains: Requirements
Work Product Kinds: Specification

The purpose of this artifact is to capture all requests made on the project, as well as how these requests have been addressed. Although the system analyst is responsible for this artifact, many people will contribute to it: marketing people, users, customers-anyone who is considered to be a stakeholder to the result of the project. This information may be collected in a document or automated tool and appropriate requests should be tracked and reported on following an approved Change Request Management (CRM) process.

Examples of sources for the Stakeholder Requests are:

  • Results of stakeholder interviews
  • Results from requirements elicitation sessions and workshops
  • Change Request (CR)
  • Statement of work
  • Request for proposal
  • Mission statement
  • Problem statement
  • Business rules
  • Laws and regulations
  • Legacy systems
  • Business models
Representation Options

Stakeholder requests are best managed in a database, such as Rational ClearQuest and/or Rational RequisitePro, in order to track status, prioritize, generate reports, and establish traceability. Tailoring involves deciding on the information (attributes) to be documented for each stakeholder and each stakeholder request. See Artifact: Requirements Attributes.

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