Artifact: Testability Class
This artifact is a specialized class in the design model that represents test-specific behavior that the software will support.
Work Product Kinds: Model Element

The purpose of the Testability Class is to capture the design for the test-specific functionality required to facilitate testing. This test-specific functionality should be incorporated in the software design model so that it can be factored into the complete software design. There are various types of test-specific behavior, two of which are:

  • "Stubs" for design classes that you need to simulate (typically because a complete version is not yet available).
  • Specialized interfaces or output, that provide the visibility or control necessary to conduct testing.
Key Considerations
Testability Class artifacts are typically created and modified in parallel with creating and modifying the corresponding design classes.
Representation OptionsUML Representation: Class, stereotyped as <<testability class>> 

See Artifact: Design Class.

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