Artifact: Workspace
This work product enables controlled access to the artifacts and other resources required to develop the consumable product. Workspaces provide secure and exclusive access to versioned project artifacts.
Domains: Configuration & Change Management
Work Product Kinds: Infrastructure

The purpose of a workspace is to enable access to work products and resources required to develop and assemble the deliverable product. Development workspaces refer to private areas where developers can implement and test code in relative isolation from other developers. Integration workspaces refer to public areas where individual work is delivered for incorporation into the overall product build and baselines.

Two kinds of workspace can be identified: 

  • The development workspace is a private development area within which a team member can make changes to artifacts without the changes becoming immediately visible to others.
  • The integration workspace is shared workspace and accessible to all members of the project team. The overall product is built and baselined in the integration workspace. 

On a project, there is one shared integration workspace, and possibly multiple development workspaces. Each project member needs to work within a workspace to gain access to the project artifacts that are baselined and retained in the project repository. The integrator creates builds within the integration workspace and makes baselines that are visible to the overall development team.

Representation Options

Because each Development workspace is the responsibility of each individual team member, tailoring of this work product can occur as needed, including the selection of what specific work products should included in the workspace.

Any tailoring of shared Integration workspaces should be documented in the Artifact: Configuration Management Plan.

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