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October 4, 1999 1.0 Initial version Context Integration
October 26, 1999 2.0 Updated at end of Inception phase. Interoperability risk is gone, capability risk remains high. Context Integration
November 20, 1999 3.0 Updated at end of Elaboration - risks unchanged. Context Integration



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This document describes the risks known to the Collegiate Sports Paging System project.


This risk lists addresses the entire Collegiate Sports Paging System project.

Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

See Glossary document.


  1. CSPS Glossary 1.0


The risks known at the publication date of this document are listed below, along with mitigation strategies for each risk.

RisksTop of page

Technical Risk : Capacity and Capability

Risk Magnitude

Most Damaging


Areas of risk include the inability to deliver a solution that meets capacity requirements or to issue a page to a paging device. While the technology to provide such capability exists, the ability to send as many as 500,000 pages within 5 minutes will need to be proven.


System not functional, probably resulting in loss of subscribers.


Failed or delayed delivery of messages within established time frame of 5 minutes.

Mitigation Strategy

Context has provided similar pager capability for other projects, therefore this area of technical risk is relatively low. Context Integration must provide an estimate of time required to process and push information to subscribers based on average and maximum projected workloads, which are currently 200,000 to 500,000 subscribers. Context Integration will develop a scalable system. will provide hardware resources necessary to meet processing requirements. Context can not guarantee the ability of each paging gateway service to deliver service levels within the desired specifications.

Contingency Plan

Attempt to locate a service that can, at peak processing time, accept and send up to 500,000 page requests

Scheduling Risk: Deployment of System Delayed Beyond March, 2000

Risk Magnitude

Most Damaging


WebNewsOnline's failure to deploy its system within the established schedule is considered by the management as failure and can result in cancellation of the project.


Project will be cancelled.


Failure to deploy before March, 2000.

Mitigation strategy

The project timeline must be carefully calculated and, if time-constrained, the deliverable schedule shall drive the reduction of scope or scale (as an example, WebNewsOnLine may elect not to implement some of the defined functionality in the first release in order to achieve the target delivery date).

Contingency plan


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