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Use Case Specification: Edit Profile

Version 2.0

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October 9, 1999 1.0 Initial version Context Integration
December 1, 1999 2.0 Update after Elaboration phase Context Integration
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Brief Description

This use case occurs when a subscriber wishes to change their profile information or when a new subscriber wishes to enroll.

Flow of Events Top of page

Basic Flow

  1. User selects "Edit Profile"
  2. System displays categories of profile (personal, preferences, pager information, "page me when" selections).
  3. User selects category.
  4. If more than one profile exists for a category (for instance, a subscriber may have more than one pager), a list of possible profiles within the category is  presented.
  5. User selects specific profile within category.
  6. System displays detail of specific profile.
  7. User updates detail, presses "OK"
  8. If information changed includes credit card information, system validates new information with external credit card system.  If information contains pager information, pager PIN format is validated along with email address for sending pages.
  9. System updates subscriber profile.

Alternate Flows

If validation of credit card information fails, user is presented with a message indicating failure, and is presented with their profile for update once again.

If this is a new subscriber, the use case "Pay Fee with Credit Card" is invoked following step 9 above.

Special Requirements Top of page

This needs to be secured as credit card information may be in the profile.

Preconditions Top of page


Postconditions Top of page

For a new subscriber, when this use case is complete, the subscriber is immediately eligible to receive pages.

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