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Use Case Specification: Print Advertiser Reports

Version 1.0

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October 9, 1999 1.0 Initial version Context Integration
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Print Advertiser Reports Top of page

Brief Description

This use case occurs when an advertiser accesses the Collegiate Sports Paging System to obtain reports of how their advertising content has been viewed.

Flow of Events Top of page

Basic Flow

  1. Advertiser selects "Print Reports"
  2. System displays all advertising content provided by advertiser
  3. Advertiser selects one or more pieces of content on which to report
  4. System displays a list of reports for this advertiser
  5. Advertiser selects one or more reports to generate
  6. Advertiser selects format (Microsoft® Word®, Microsoft® Excel®, or to browser window)
  7. System creates first report and prompts user to save or view
  8. Advertiser saves or views report, selects "Next Report"
  9. System creates next report and prompts user to save or view
  10. Bullets 8) and 9) are repeated until all reports are complete

Alternate Flows


Special Requirements Top of page

Special requirements will be determined during the next iteration.

Issues - what do we do with obsolete content? How long will we allow reports to be run on content no longer available on the web site? Do we need to encrypt this transmission?

Preconditions Top of page

User is connected and validated as an advertiser.

Postconditions Top of page

Postconditions will be determined during the next iteration.

Extension Points Top of page

Extension points of the use case will be identified during the Elaboration Phase.

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