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Use Case Specification: Provide Feedback

Version 1.0

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October 9, 1999 1.0 Initial version Context Integration
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Provide Feedback Top of page

Brief Description

This use case occurs when a system user (advertiser, subscriber, or potential subscriber) wishes to comment on the service or the web site.

Flow of Events Top of page

Basic Flow

  1. User selects "Provide Feedback"
  2. System looks up central user support phone numbers.
  3. System displays phone numbers to call and gives the user the option to send email immediately
  4. User selects email option
  5. System looks up email address of customer service and passes it to the browser.
  6. System launches email browser client
  7. User enters message, presses "Send"
  8. Browser mail client sends mail.

Alternative Flows


Special Requirements Top of page

Special requirements will be determined during the next iteration.

Preconditions Top of page

Preconditions will be determined during the next iteration.

Postconditions Top of page

Postconditions will be determined during the next iteration.

Extension Points Top of page

Extension points of the use case will be identified during the Elaboration Phase.

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