Collegiate Sports Paging System

Use Case Specification: Send Page

Version 1.0

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October 9, 1999 1.0 Initial version Context Integration
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Send Page Top of page

Brief Description

This use case occurs when new content is posted to the Collegiate Sports Paging System.

Flow of Events Top of page

Basic Flow

  1. System checks categories for the new content
  2. System checks subscriber lists to determine whether any subscribers wish to be paged for this category of content
  3. System generates a text message based on the headline
  4. System constructs a series of email messages
  5. System sends email messages to subscribers (who will receive these as an alphanumeric page)

Alternate Flows


Special Requirements Top of page

Special requirements will be determined during the next iteration.

Preconditions Top of page

Content is posted, headline is available, categorization is available.

Postconditions Top of page

Postconditions will be determined during the next iteration.

Extension Points Top of page

Extension points of the use case will be identified during the Elaboration Phase.

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