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Use Case Specification: Subscribe

Version 1.0

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October 9, 1999 1.0 Initial version Context Integration
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Brief Description

This use case enables a potential subscriber to subscribe to the Collegiate Sports Paging System service.

Flow of Events Top of page

Basic Flow

  1. Potential Subscriber selects "Subscribe" option.
  2. System looks up current contract terms and available service options
  3. System displays contract terms and service options
  4. Potential subscriber acknowledges terms and selects service options
  5. System records currently selected service options
  6. System displays categories of profile (personal, preferences, pager information, "page me when" selections).
  7. User selects category
  8. System displays detail of category
  9. User updates detail, presses "OK"
  10. System validates data as required, updates subscriber profile.

Alternative Flows

User rejects contract terms

If the potential subscriber does not acknowledge the contract terms, the use case terminates.

Special Requirements Top of page

Special requirements will be determined during the next iteration.

Preconditions Top of page


Postconditions Top of page

Postconditions will be determined during the next iteration.

Extension Points Top of page

Extension points of the use case will be identified during the Elaboration Phase.

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