Activity: Design Business Process Realizations
Within this activity the to-be business use-case realizations are defined in terms of collaborations of business system and business workers.
DescriptionWork Breakdown StructureTeam AllocationWork Product Usage

Activity detail diagram: Design Business Process Realizations Business Architect Business Architectural Analysis Business Architect Business-Process Analyst Capture a Common Business Vocabulary Maintain Business Rules Business-Process Analyst Business Designer Business Use-Case Analysis Business Designer Business Vision Business Architectural Analysis Business Architecture Document Business Design Model Business Deployment Model Business Entity Business Worker Business System Business Analysis Model Business Architectural Analysis Business Vision Capture a Common Business Vocabulary Business Glossary Capture a Common Business Vocabulary Business Vision Maintain Business Rules Business Rule Maintain Business Rules Business Use Case Model Business Architecture Document Supplementary Business Specification Business Use-Case Analysis Business Use-Case Realization Business System Business Worker Business Analysis Model Business Use-Case Analysis
Work Breakdown