Work Product (Artifact): Business Event
A Business Event represents a significant occurrence in the activities of the business that requires immediate action.

Business Events represent the important things that happen in business and as such help manage complexity. Business Events are triggered and received by Business Actors, Business Workers, and Business Entities, while interacting to realize Business Use Cases. Business Events are used to trigger Business Use Cases, to signal changes of state of the business, and to pass information between Business Use Cases.

Stakeholders and business-process analysts use Business Events to better understand and describe the activities of the business. Business designers are responsible for identifying and detailing Business Events. Business Events are also used by systems analysts to help identify software system actors and use cases, and by software architects to help make software systems more flexible and maintainable.

Container Artifact
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Representation OptionsUML Representation: Signal, stereotyped as <<business event>>.

Attributes are often useful to explicitly define what information is relevant. Operations can be used but are not really useful during business modeling, and therefore are not often employed. Business Events are usually represented in models of software systems. These software system representations of Business Events usually do have operations.

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