Report: Business Entity
This report is used by people interested in the business analysis model, such as customers, users, business analysts, software architects, system analysts, designers, testers, managers, and reviewers.
Main Description

1. Brief Description
A brief description of the business entity.

2. Responsibilities
The role of the business entity class in the business, and its lifecycle, from creation to deletion.

3. Relationships
Responsible business system: <name>. A list of business entity class relationships (including brief descriptions).

4. Operations
A list of operations representing the tools available to handle the business entity class.

5. Attributes
Attributes of the business entity, including their names, types, and brief descriptions.

6. Business Events
Any business events the business entity triggers or is notified of. 

7. Diagrams
Any diagrams local to the business entity (such as state charts showing the business entity's lifecycle and related business events).