Report: Business Worker
This report is used by people interested in the business analysis model, such as customers, users, business analysts, software architects, system analysts, designers, testers, managers, and reviewers.
Main Description

1. Brief Description
A brief description of the business worker.

2. Responsibilities
The responsibilities of the business worker, including their names and brief descriptions.

3. Relationships
The relationships involving the business worker.

  • For associations and aggregations, their names, brief descriptions, and associated classes are included. Also include the role name, multiplicity, and navigability of the role involving the class in question.
  • For generalizations, their brief descriptions, associated ancestor class, and stereotype (if any) are included.

4. Operations
The operations of the business worker, including their name, brief description, and arguments.

5. Attributes
Attributes of the business worker, including their names, types, and brief descriptions.

6. Competence Requirements
A description of skills a business worker needs to perform a job. These are the attributes of the business worker with stereotype <<SkillType>>, including name and brief description.

7. Diagrams
Any diagrams local to the business worker.