Role: Business Designer
This role details the specification of a part of the organization.
Role Sets: Analysts
Main Description

This role specifies the workflow of business use cases in terms of business systems, business workers and business entities. It also distributes the behavior to these business systems, business workers and business entities - defining their responsibilities, operations, attributes, and relationships.


A person acting as business designer must be a good facilitator and have adequate communication skills. Knowledge of the business domain is helpful but not necessary for everyone acting in this role. The business designer needs to be familiar with the tools used to capture the business models.

A business designer must be prepared to:

  • understand customer and user requirements, their strategies, and their goals 
  • facilitate modeling of the target organization 
  • discuss and facilitate a business engineering effort, if needed 
  • take part in defining requirements on the end-product of the project 
Assignment Approaches

Consider assigning the Business-Process Analyst, Business Architect and Business Designer roles to the same person. These roles interact a lot, so it can be more efficient to have a single person responsible for all these roles.

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