Artifact: Business Goal
A Business Goal is a requirement that must be satisfied by the business. Business Goals describe the desired value of a particular measure at some future point in time and can therefore be used to plan and manage the activities of the business.
Domains: Business Modeling
Work Product Kinds: Model ElementSpecification

The purpose of Business Goals is to translate the business strategy into measurable steps with which the business operations can be steered in the right direction and improved if necessary. These quantifiable measures allow realistic expectations to be set regarding improvements to the business and allow objective measurement of progress when implementing changes and improvements to the business.

Business managers and stakeholders use Business Goals to translate the business strategy into concrete measures. Business-process analysts and business designers use Business Goals to verify that business processes are aligned with the business strategy.

Main Description

Business goals describe specific things that are important for the business to achieve. High level goals can be decomposed into sub-goals that become increasingly narrower in scope and definition. KPIs are associated with each goal and sub-goal to identify what managers of a company look at to determine the degree of success or organizational performance relative to business goals. Metrics associated with each KPI are individual features that can be measured to support the assessment of KPIs.

The taxonomy is therefore:

  • High level business goals
  • Sub-goals decomposed from the high level business goals
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with each goal and sub-goal
  • Metrics associated with each KPI that can be used to identify what measurements need to be captured and analyzed to assess whether goals are being met
Representation OptionsUML Representation: Class, stereotyped as <<business goal>>.

The Measure, Change Value, and Change Kind properties should always be used.  The Change by Date and Priority can be omitted.

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