Artifact: Business Vision
The Business Vision defines the set of goals and objectives at which the business modeling effort is aimed.
Domains: Business Modeling
Work Product Kinds: Specification

The Business Vision document captures very high-level objectives of a business modeling effort. It provides input to the project-approval process and is, therefore, intimately related from a software engineering effort to the Business Case as well as the Vision document. It communicates the fundamental why and what related to the project and is a gauge against which all future decisions should be validated.

The Business Vision document will be read by managers, funding authorities, business workers in business modeling, and developers in general.

Representation Options

The full version of this document is only applicable if you are doing business creation or business reengineering. If the purpose of your effort is business improvement, you may still produce a Business Vision, but only focus on the sections titled Introduction, Positioning, and Business Modeling Objectives

Various documents may already exist in your organization that cover some of the topics found in the Business Vision. In such cases, there is no need to do the work again and you could let the Business Vision document refer to existing documents. 

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