Artifact: Target-Organization Assessment
The Target-Organization Assessment describes the current status of the organization in which the system is to be deployed. The description is in terms of current processes, tools, peoples' competencies, peoples' attitudes, customers, competitors, technical trends, problems, and improvement areas.
Domains: Business Modeling
Work Product Kinds: Assessment

The Target-Organization Assessment is used by the Business-Process Analyst as a basis for configuring the business modeling discipline for a particular project.

The Target-Organization Assessment is also used to do the following:

  • explain to the stakeholders why there is a need to change the business processes
  • create motivation and a common understanding among the people in the target-organization that are directly or indirectly affected
  • provide input to the Development Case and the Iteration Plans
Representation Options

Adjust the outline of the Target-Organization Assessment to suit the characteristics of the project and the organization.

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