Report: Test Design Specification
The test survey provides consolidated specification information on the required tests.
Main Description
  1. Introduction

    Briefly summarizes the purpose & scope of this test design specification.

  2. Scope Details

    Description of the items that are in scope/ not-in scope for this test design specification. Scope is typically described by elaborating on a subset of the Test Motivators or Target Test Items from the Test Plan.

  3. Test Approach Details

    Expands on and refines the test approach described in summary in the Test Plan, explaining the approach to be used for a subset of tests in greater detail. Typically this explains what technique (or style) of testing will be applied for each type of testing to be conducted, where at least one separate Test Design Specification is created for each separate technique that will be employed.

  4. Test Case Information

    For each Test Case that will be covered by this Test Design Specification, identify and briefly describe the summary information for the test case.

    In some contexts, the Test Design Specification may act instead as a container or package for the Test Cases themselves, listing all relevant Test Case details (not just a summary overview).

  5. Pass/ Fail Criteria

    Specify what general approach or specific criteria will be used to assess whether the tests conducted for the test cases have passed or failed. Often this pass/ fail criteria is grouped based on each Motivator that is contributing to the scope of the Test Design Specification.

    In some contexts, this section is considered optional and can be omitted.